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About Nicole Strobel

Nicole Strobel - With an extensive tenure in service-oriented sectors, Nicole believes in prioritizing customer and client satisfaction above all else, forming the foundation of her business ethos. Clients appreciate her sound advice and commitment to staying informed about real estate markets in Minnesota and Wisconsin, ensuring informed decisions.

With integrity as her guide, Nicole places her clients' interests first and isn't afraid to advise waiting to sell if it's in their best interest. Her reliability has led clients to seek her representation beyond state lines. Approachable and innovative, Nicole's reputation, knowledge, and work ethic set her apart from the competition.

Buyers - As an unwavering full-time real estate professional serving Minnesota and Wisconsin, Nicole stays informed with real-time updates through strategic networking with fellow agents. This advantage ensures you gain early access to properties, providing a competitive edge against other buyers. With Nicole's expertise, you have an increased likelihood of discovering a home that meets your criteria and negotiating a successful purchase.

Sellers - When entrusting your property to Nicole for listing, you gain access to exclusive advantages such as open houses, premier placement on her website, professional photography and optional staging. Nicole ensures meticulous preparation for your home's sale. These comprehensive services not only streamline the selling process but also contribute to achieving a higher sale price for your property.

Investors -Nicole is a specialized realtor with a dedication to aiding residential investors in sourcing and purchasing investment properties, playing a pivotal role in her clients' investment journey. With a profound understanding of real estate market dynamics and investment strategies, Nicole identifies lucrative opportunities aligned with clients' preferences and financial goals. She meticulously analyzes market trends, property values, and potential returns to present well-informed investment options. Leveraging her extensive network and market insights, Nicole scouts properties with high potential for appreciation or rental income. Additionally, she guides investors through due diligence, negotiations, and seamless deal closures. By offering personalized guidance and facilitating strategic decision-making, Nicole empowers investors to effectively build and diversify their investment portfolios in the dynamic real estate landscape.

Expertise - In a rapidly changing market, timing can be the deciding factor in securing your dream home or missing out on the opportunity. Understanding market dynamics and knowing when to act swiftly are crucial. Nicole dedicates herself to staying updated on the latest negotiation, marketing, and networking strategies. Her ongoing commitment to learning ensures that her clients receive top-notch service tailored to their needs.

Originally from southern Wisconsin, Nicole earned a Bachelor's degree in Business, focusing on Sustainable Enterprise Management. She continues to pursue further education through associations with the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) and the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors® (MAAR).

Continuously integrating the newest digital marketing tactics and social media advancements, Nicole elevates property marketing to a national scale. Her innovative strategies, tailored for all clients, have been widely recognized. Nicole underscores her commitment to mastering technology, privacy, and effective transition methods for seamless home sales, solidifying her expertise in this expanding field.

She is deeply committed to delivering exceptional client service marked by efficiency, accessibility, trust, and integrity. Her competitive spirit positions her as a leader in securing offers within the industry, while her background in design ensures meticulous attention to detail. Committed to ongoing growth and education, she consistently operates at the level of excellence her clients deserve.

Achievements - Nicole has achieved outstanding sales performance, earning four esteemed designations, certifications, and endorsements as a REALTOR®: Luxury Homes® certification, REO Specialist Certified (CRS), Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource (SFR®), and Certified Real Estate Pricing Specialist (CREPS).

Personal Life and Community Engagement  - Apart from her real estate endeavors, she relishes moments with her daughter, Vivienne, loyal dog, Prince, and beloved cat, Diego. Actively engaged in community initiatives, she serves on the board of her local food Co-op, is a proud member of the River Falls Chamber of Commerce, actively participates in the school PTA, and contributes to her new Home Association. Her interests extend to yoga & fitness, DIY projects, and fostering community engagement.

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